Article information and images

As a supplier, you are required to submit complete information via our Product Portal.
High quality inspirational images also increase our ability to sell your articles. It is therefore important that you provide KåKå e-Commerce with product images as soon as possible. You can either upload images directly into our Product Portal or email them to us.

  • Select only high definition (300 dpi, 1024x1024px), clipped-out images in PNG format. If this is not possible, images should be submitted as JPEGs with a white background.
  • Crop the images: If an image has a large area of white around the product then it must be cropped before being submitted; otherwise, the image will be extremely small when displayed in e-commerce.
  • All product-image files should be named with the KåKå Article No. followed by an extension indicating the type of image:
    • Extension _01 indicates a packaging image
    • Extension _02 indicates a product image
    • Extension _03 indicates an environment image