Information, råd och tips

Här hittar du samlad information om den rådande situationen med fakta, viktiga länkar, tips, skyltmaterial och tjänster för att öka försäljningen. Tillsammans kan vi göra skillnad och ta oss igenom den här tuffa perioden.
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We are more than a supplier of products

KåKå is a partner that helps you succeed!

Our add-ons


Marketing materials in various forms to our full-service customers.

Quality and environment

We want you to feel secure as our customer and we therefore have a robust quality assurance department with a wide range of expertise at its disposal.

Traditional and new recipes, ingredient declaration documentation and nutritional calculations.

Courses and training

Our customers have the opportunity to develop their craft with inspiration from the best in the industry.

Distribution and logistics

High quality products demand the very best in transportation and delivery.


KåKå offers an extremely broad and competitive range of products. Place your order now!

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