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KåKå has been an innovative and progressive stakeholder in the Swedish bakery sector since 1927. Today, KåKå is Sweden’s leading supplier of bakery ingredients and accessories to bakeries, patisseries and the bakery industry.
Since 1999, the company has been part of the Orkla Group, providing us with access to Scandinavia’s most comprehensive production of bakery ingredients; for example, Odense Marcipan. We also work with other internationally prominent producers and we are one of Scandinavia’s leading importers and wholesalers of spices, nuts. almonds, raisins and coconut. KåKå also owns Jästbolaget, Sweden’s only yeast factory and one of the most modern and efficient in Europe, as well as Werners Gourmetservice, the leading Swedish supplier of premium products to restaurants and patisseries. All to ensure that you, as our customer, can choose from a wide range of competitive products.

More about product deliveries

A good collaboration is a joy for both parties. We therefore consider it an important task to help and support you and your business. Here at KåKå, we have a wealth of expertise and experience of modern production systems. KåKå not only has access to Scandinavia’s most extensive production of bakery ingredients, we can also help you with everything from recipes and practical advise to overarching concepts and sales-boosting activities.

A wide range of the highest quality

KåKå offers an extremely broad and competitive range of products. These include yeast, bake-off, margarine, flour, mixers, marzipan, almond paste, chocolate, sugar, syrup, jam, imported goods, sandwich ingredients, vegetables, beverages and service articles. These products are sourced from a variety of manufacturers under strict controls, in order to ensure consistently high quality. In addition, KåKå has maintained its position as the leading supplier of spices, nuts. almonds, raisins and coconut, all directly imported from the world’s foremost growers.

Specialist expertise in all areas

At our InnovationsCenter, we employ a team of inventive specialists who are constantly working to develop new products, recipes and production solutions. This group assesses the conditions and evaluates market potential. You can turn to our InnovationsCenter with questions about anything from the baking process itself to recipe development and packaging. Naturally, as a valued customer of KåKå you will benefit from these new product concepts and we will collaborate on campaigns that create increased awareness of these products.

BakeIT – recipes and ingredient declarations

We have developed an online recipe system, BakeIT. Here we have collected exciting traditional and new recipes, documentation for ingredient declarations and spreadsheets for nutritional calculations. Every one of our nationwide network of salespeople is always ready and willing to assist you with any issues related to products, recipes, prices, deliveries and anything else you need to succeed. In most cases they have worked in bakeries, patisseries or similar enterprises, so they understand your business.


Seasonal campaigns are important investments in the bakery and patisserie sector. On such occasions, KåKå therefore prepares marketing materials for your shop and can also help you to reach peckish consumers via the Sverige Fikar app.

Distribution and logistics

KåKå appreciates the importance of rational, smoothly flowing production. The right goods at the right time are a prerequisite for creating a sound economy. It is equally important that goods arrive in a manner that makes them easy to handle. This is why KåKå is the supplier with both reliable deliveries and customised packaging. Not only that, but orders over SEK 5,000 for delivery on normal working days are always free delivery.

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